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Impact of Santana trade: A Plus for Brewers

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  • Impact of Santana trade: A Plus for Brewers

    Brewers Bar | MVN - Most Valuable Network » Blog Archive » Impact of Santana trade: A Plus for Brewers

    When the best pitcher in baseball gets traded from the other league into your league–in this case, Johan Santana going from the American League’s Twins to the National League’s Mets–most teams in the new league, in this case the NL, would start to moan and groan. But this deal may actually help the Brewers.

    You see, the Brewers face the Twins for six games in interleague play in 2008…which is exactly the same number of times that they face the Mets. In other words, the addition of Santana to the Mets will result in almost every other NL team having to face Santana this season now…something they would not have had to do had the trade not been done.

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    Interesting way for this blogger to look at the Santana Trade but will that make any diference once the Playoffs start?


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      It depends on how many times the Brewers face the Mets this year. I believe interleague play will be easier as a result, but you never know, the AL always seems to dominate.
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        Johan is going to make 33 to 34 starts this year this effect is going to be small.

        On top of that last year the Twins played the Brewers 6 times and Santana never even faced the Brewers. Like I said the impact of this is next to meaningless in the regular season. What can hurt for the Brewers or any other NL team is that the Brewers if they get to the playoffs would have to face Santana on a pretty good Mets team before they even can think about playing in the World Series. Whereas with him in the AL if they playing Santana that means they are in the Series.


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