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    The Brewer Nation: Buying and Selling

    Do you "buy" into the following thoughts or, do you "sell" this as being false in your opinion. I understand that this may be a common segment on the TV show "Around the Horn". This is not an attempt at plagiarism, I just don't know of another way to explain what I am trying to compile from the Brewer Nation.
    1) Do you feel the Brewers will be improved over the 2007 team, buy or sell and why.
    2) The Cubs feel that signing Japanese player Kosuke Fukudome will produce more offense than Jacque Jones was able to produce in 2007, buy or sell and why.
    3) The Cubs have announced that Ryan Dempster will be part of the starting rotation this season instead of being the closer. Does this make the Cubs' rotation better, buy or sell and why.
    4) With Dempster's move to the rotation, it appears the closers job will go to Carlos Marmol. Will he be better at closing than Ryan Dempster was, buy or sell and why.
    5) Cincinnati will be better in 2008 simply because they now have an established closer in Francisco Cordero, buy or sell and why.
    6) The NL Central will be a 2-team race, Chicago and Milwaukee, buy or sell and why.
    7) The St. Louis Cardinals should be favorites for finishing in last place in this year's NL Central, buy or sell and why.
    8) With Erik Bedard traded to the Mariners, the Orioles will now trade 2nd basemen Brian Roberts to the Cubs, buy or sell and why.
    9) Ned Yost will stay with a consistent lineup for most of the first month of the season regardless of the results, buy or sell and why.
    10) If a friend of yours gives you a topic of discussion, even if its far-fetched, it should be okay to be posted on this blog and we should not have to reveal our sources, buy or sell and why.

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    Alright for my option.

    1) Buy - You got to buy for the Brewers are a young team that will only get better and better.

    2) Sell - I'm sure Fukudome is a good player and will have success in the long run but Japan isn't the Major Leagues and he has to learn to adject to the Majors first and it likely be a year or two before we see what he can be.

    3) Sell - Ryan Dempster is a questionable Closer to begin with and will he be any better as a starter?

    4) Buy - Alright I'll buy that. Carlos Marmol is a very good pitcher and the cubs should of given him the Closer role last year.

    5) Sell - For a few reasons. 1) Cincinnati problem was there entire bullpen and 2) the Brewers got coco from Texas for a large part becouse he wasn't pitching too well for them and alot of his success with the Brewers I think is a part of the Brewers having a great Pitching coach and I just can't buy that coco will do as good for the Reds.

    6) Buy - I see no reason to say otherwise.

    7) Sell - The Cardinals are too good to let it happen and you would have to buy into the Pirates to belive that and I see no reason to belive it the Pirates.

    8) Sell - The O's may Trade Roberts but to say it will be to the Cubs when it could be any other team that may be willing to offer more.

    9) Sell - I don't belive Ned Yost will stay with a consistent lineup the first Week moreless the first month.

    10) hmm


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