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Braun donates rookie-of-year bonus

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  • Braun donates rookie-of-year bonus

    Braun donates rookie-of-year bonus - Topix

    Brewers third baseman Ryan Braun donated the $10,000 bonus he received for winning the 2007 National League rookie of the year award to Habitat for Humanity.

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    Hey, What a classy thing for Ryan to do.


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      Braun seems to be a realy classy guy. Let us hope that he exhibits similar class when it comes to his next big contract, and gives the Brewers a 'home town discount".

      If not, still a really nice thing to do. Just a shame few will hear about it (bad news is what sells).
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        Solid guy. one of my new favs now
        "he probably used some performance enhancing drugs so he could do a better job on his report...i hear they make you gain weight" - Dr. Zizmor

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          Good to hear. Way to go Mr. Braun.
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            2008 Roberto Clemente Award Winner if he does some more stuff like that.


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