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  • Brewers Prediction Sign up

    Alright for a little history. This is a just for fun thing I started 7 Years ago on the FanHome Message Board and it started with a few members playing and it grow with more and more members playing entell last season.

    You see along the way a few years ago Fanhome merged with Scout becouse Scout wanted there own Message Board but that only lasted a few years for Scout used EZBoards witch is a lesser board then vBulletin what Fanhome was on and Scout didn't do anything to keep the FanHome people happy and they split Last year and I stuck with FanHome and keep this as a FanHome thing mostly becouse they let me be a Moderator witch usely does it every time but only a few follow and a limited played last season becouse of it but this season I'm looking to bring the Members back into it by making this a Milti-board Challage for the first time and I thought I'd bring even more boards in to make the largest group in the 7 years and I desided to include Baseball Fever as one of the boards with:

    Addict Sports
    The Bleacher Gang

    Alright, You are going to have know how to play.

    First I know 162 Games is far too many games to remenber to post a prediction for and all the advantage would go to those who would post the most and someone that don't post much can easly end up 50,60,70 games out and it would be much of a challage if that happen but not to worry I invented a way around it to really make this fan.

    Something I call an Auto-Pick. You set it before the Start of the season on a "Win" or a "Lose" and as each game is played thoughout the season if you don't post a pick for that game what your auto-pick is will be your pick for that game and in fact it is alright if you don't post a prediction for a game if you think the Brewers will win that night and you have your auto-pick on win.

    So all you have to do sign up is pick your auto-pick, Win or Lose

    THe rules are simple Posted predictions must be posted before the start of the game in the game Thread that I will post for each series. Well almost every series I'm taking a trip to the dells for a week in may when the Brewers are on a road trip but I'll have a thread to take predictions that week.

    No Prizes but it is always fun every year. So if anyone interested in playing this upcoming season please post your auto-pick here.

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    Alright the first to sign up.


    trwi7 - Auto-Pick Win
    Robby316 - Win

    The Bleacher Gang

    Durango - Win


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      Another one at Scout.

      LiveforOctober with Auto-Pick Win


      • #4
        Has anyone ever had their auto-pick set to lose?
        RIP - HGF [1937-2009]


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          Yes, Alot of them have set it on lose and it has been switched between win and lose thoughout the season a number of times in 7 years.

          But I would think everyone signing up now will set it on win to start with for I'm sure we all believe the Brewers will win more games this season that they will lose.


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            2 More from Scout

            rotatinringking - Win
            brewerfanx1 - Win


            • #7
              brewcrew123 at Scout sign up with "Win"


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                Well, I think it's about time I set my auto-pick.

                Alright, I belive in the Brewers as much as anyone else if not more. and I'm more then happy to go along with everyone else and say "Win" to start the year.


                • #9
                  I'll join you in auto picking "win".

                  Will you be posting a leaderboard throughout the season?
                  RIP - HGF [1937-2009]


                  • #10
                    yeah always.


                    • #11
                      JoseA at Fanhome with "Win"


                      • #12
                        A few at TSB join up last week.

                        Admiral, m3th0ds and kfkorn

                        All 3 with Win


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