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  • Gallardo Injured

    Phoenix -- Brewers general manager Doug Melvin just told me that young right-hander Yovani Gallardo -- who is expected to be one of the stalwarts of the starting rotation -- might have torn knee cartilage. Melvin didn't know off hand which knee but Gallardo is being examined by team physician WIlliam Raasch right now and we'll probably have more news later.

    Melvin said Gallardo felt discomfort in the knee after a throwing session a couple of days ago and the knee swelled up afterward. The immediate suspicion was torn cartilage.

    "The doctors are looking at him now," said Melvin. "We'll know more later."

    If Gallardo has to have arthroscopic surgery on the knee, Melvin said he'd probably be out of action for two to three weeks. That would leave only three weeks of camp for Gallardo to prepare for the season, which probably would mean he'd start the season on the disabled list.
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    Phoenix -- Right-hander Yovani Gallardo indeed does have torn cartilage in his left knee and will return to Milwaukee tomorrow to have arthroscopic surgery.

    Gallardo is expected to be sidelined four weeks, virtually guaranteeing he will open the season on the disabled list. That would leave just two weeks in camp, not sufficient time for the 22-year-old right-hander to get ready for the regular season.

    The official diagnosis on Gallardo is a lateral meniscus (cartilage) tear in the knee.

    Gallardo apparently suffered the injury during a throwing session a few days ago. He experienced swelling in the knee afterward, and was examined by team physician William Raasch today as pitchers and catchers took physicals at the outset of spring camp.

    Raasch will perform the arthroscopic surgery on Gallardo's knee on Tuesday, and he will return the next day to do his rehab with the club.
    The article also states Lou Palmisano is looking at a similar fate.

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      What a great start to the year this is!
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        What a shame. Not the way to start the year. But hopefully it will not be a big problem and on the bight end hopefully this will limit his innings a bit this year.


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          It's a blow, but not a huge one. The team may have capped his innings anyways, so this just does it for them without them having to make a decision. It sounds like he's only going to miss 3-4 starts, so it really isn't the biggest blow to a team that does have a lot of depth to begi with.

          As long as they can get off to a solid start, they should be fine. He will just give them that little extra push in the middle of April.
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            Gallardo "pretty upset" over knee injury

            Gallardo "pretty upset" over knee injury - Brewers Blog

            Phoenix - I just spoke with Brewers right-hander Yovani Gallardo in the clubhouse and, understandably, he was downcast over the news that he has torn cartilage in his left knee.

            "I'm pretty upset about it," said Gallardo, who is expected to be out of action for four weeks. "It's tough. It's unfortuate that it happened."

            Gallardo will return to Milwaukee tonight and have arthroscopic surgery Tuesday, performed by team physician William Raasch. He is scheduled to rejoin the club on Wednesday to begin his physical therapy.


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              Well, It is a good thing that he is upset over it for it shows he excited about the upcoming season and he wants to help the Brewers to win.


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                I certainly wasn't expecting him to be happy over it. I can only hope his disappointment doesn't cause him to try and return from the injury too soon and cause it to be a ongoing problem.
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                  A volid point there. But I'm sure you don't have to worry about it.

                  I'm sure the Brewers would let him do that.


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                    When an Injury is a Good Thing

                    My Brewers: When an Injury is a Good Thing

                    Many people will think that I am nuts, but hear me out. Yesterday, it was announced that Yovani Gallardo will have surgery on his knee to repair torn cartilage. He will miss a good portion of spring training and will likely begin the season on the DL. This is a good thing because:

                    1. It will restrict the number of innings he pitches over the 2008 season, which is something the Brewers sounded concerned about.

                    2. It will allow other pitchers more of an opportunity to prove themselves.

                    3. It will prevent Doug Melvin from trading Capuano/Bush/Vargas before they are able to prove themselves and possibly improve on their trade value.

                    4. It is not Ben Sheets... YET!


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                      I couldn't help to post that blog article for it is close to my own option and I totaly agree.


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