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  • Is it the year?

    JS Online: Is it the year?

    Futile hope has been replaced by lofty expectations, apathy by enthusiasm, a long spell of dull mediocrity by bright rays of promise.

    The Milwaukee Brewers are good again. Really good. Good enough to win the National League Central Division. Good enough to tow a bandwagon of fans sagging at the axles. Good enough to raise the retractable roof at Miller Park.

    Ask general manager Doug Melvin what he expects from the team in 2008, and he looks you straight in the eye.

    "Win the division," he says.

    That's it. Win. Win big. Win it all.

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    The Team is there and the mind set is right and the Brewers expect it.

    All that remains is to just do it. So let the fun begin.

    WE the Fans can't wait for the thrill ride.


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      For the most part it was a fun ride last year, though I'm sure you'll agree this team was the epitome of frustrating for stretches.
      I believe this years team will be more consistant and a playoff push will make the season even more fun.
      RIP - HGF [1937-2009]


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