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Which seats are good buys?

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  • Which seats are good buys?

    My friend and I are looking to head to Miller Park in 2 months. Are there any sections that are good buys? I don't have the finances to pay $50+ for a ticket but is it worth sitting in the outfield bleachers?


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    I've seen those kind of question on Message Boards and one really can't give you a good answer to the question without knowing what you want out of the experence.

    But I know Miller Park enough to help you if you answer a few questions.

    1) Do you want to seat with the Beer Drinking ruddy type or do you want to seat somewhere where you can seat back and just enjoy the game where the people around you don't drew too much attention to themself hopefully.

    2) what kind of view you want?

    Do you mind if you can't see the full field?

    Do You mind if there is a realing kind of in the way a little bit?

    Or are you one that wants the best view that you can get for a price?

    3) How much money are you willing to spend?

    Already know you don't want to go $50 + but are you willing to do in the $25 to $35 Range. Or is $25 aceptable but $35 is pushing it or do you preford to be on the cheep end.


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