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Braun had glove ready in advance

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  • Braun had glove ready in advance

    Braun had glove ready in advance - Brewers Blog

    Phoenix - I just saw Ryan Braun breaking in an outfielder's glove in the Brewers clubhouse and asked him how he got one so fast after learning in January that he'd be switching from third base to left field this season.

    "I had this one ordered a little while ago," said Braun. "I knew there was a chance of switching to the outfield."

    You've got to like a player who is prepared for all possibilities, right?

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    Amazing, Ryan is so great of a player that he stays ready for every possibility. Makes you love him even more for being a Brewer.


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      J.J. The Glove Dealer

      J.J. The Glove Dealer - Brewers Blog

      Phoenix -- While Ryan Braun had some leather ready to switch from the infield to the outfield, as reported by my boy TH, Bill Hall did not as he made the opposite change.

      When it came time for some early workouts before players reported to camp, Hall had to borrow a glove from shortstop J.J. Hardy, who keeps them in bunches. Hall had his own sleek black Nike glove when he reported yesterday and took grounders with the rest of the infield.


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        And it only makes it funny for I guess Bill Hall didn't plain ahead although he couldn't of known I guess.


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          I heard on Talkin' Brewers radio show that Hall had to get a glove from JJ. You'd think he'd still have a couple of infielders gloves. I mean it was only 2006 when he last played in the infield.
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