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    Changes for Prince - Brewers Blog

    You wouldn't think that a guy who bombed 50 home runs last season, the youngest player ever to reach the number, would change much in his life the following season.

    But Prince Fielder has.

    Let's just say that you might not notice a change in his body, other than a new hairstyle, but changes are occurring. The big man is not just eating healthy, he cut out some former diet staples completely and replaced them with green leafs and soy, among several other ingredients that are beyond pronouncing.

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    Alright, Now that is great news and hopefully it will lead to a better season.


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      If he sticks to it, it should lead to increased longevity. Something guys of his size have traditionally not enjoyed.
      RIP - HGF [1937-2009]


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        No more steaks for Fielder

        The Official Site of The Milwaukee Brewers: News: No more steaks for Fielder

        PHOENIX -- Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder does not look like a vegetarian. So when people find out that he's giving it a try, they have approximately the same reaction.

        "I tell people I don't eat meat, and they're like, 'Oh!'" Fielder said, raising his hands and making a sour face. "They forget there's so much other food out there. Beans, rice, tofu. You've got a lot of good food, baby!"

        Fielder made the decision to cut out meat after reading a bestselling book by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin with a title not fit for a family Web site. The book was given to Fielder by his wife, Chanel, who along with the couple's two kids was already on a meatless diet (though Chanel does eat fish). Fielder said it exposed to him the "gross" side of the carnivore business, and, as he first told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for Thursday's editions, he wanted nothing to do with it.


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          A more indepth article on Fielders Diet and an interest read.


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