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Brewers aren't moving to AL

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  • Brewers aren't moving to AL

    Brewers aren't moving to AL - Brewers Blog

    Phoenix - There has been talk, buzz, rumor -- call it what you want -- in recent weeks that the Brewers might be moving back to the American League to allow Kansas City to correct the mistake it made in 1998 of not switching to the National League.

    Well, KC screwed up in '98 and it's too bad. The Brewers aren't about to return to the AL after making such in-roads as a franchise in the NL since changing leagues.

    Asked about that nonsense today when he was in the Brewers' camp, team owner Mark Attanasio truly looked puzzled.

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    I known about this rumor for over a week but I wasn't going to post this for I know the was no truth to it but it made to an offical source so I figure why not put it out there for discussion and hopefully end this rumor with the truth.

    I'll tell you this I think this one was started on a Message Board of one of them Fans site's. It's a Chicago Cubs site. which tells alot in itself.


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