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  • It's not what you think

    JS Online: It's not what you think

    Phoenix - If you've been corresponding with Milwaukee Brewers players Ryan Braun and J.J. Hardy on either MySpace or Facebook, we've got news for you.

    It's not them.

    Braun said imposters had posted fraudulent pages on both Internet sites, purporting to be the two players. The players asked Major League Baseball's security division to look into having those pages taken down.

    "It's just kind of annoying," the leftfielder said. "We don't want people impersonating us, pretending to be us. There are multiple pages of myself and J.J."

    "A lot of friends of mine have said they're responding, pretending to be me, and responding, pretending to be J.J. We don't want that. Those spots are very popular. They have millions of users. We don't want anybody misrepresenting us."

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    Yep, That's the world we live in and it shows the kind of people you get on MySpace.


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      You wouldn't think they'd have that much free time to be able to use such sites as Myspace or facebook.
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        Ha, this is acutally fairly common MySpace and Facebook. "Fans" make fake pages of people they admire or closely follow, then pretend to be them. There's some for President Bush, Bob Dylan, etc. etc.

        I was actually friends with the fake JJ Hardy on MySpace. I would send him messages like "Yo JJ, you played like crap today" and the "fan" would send back humorous replies like "Yeah, I know, swinging a cold bat lately".

        I guess I'm familiar with this sort of thing, and knew they were fake from the start. If people thought they were real, I could see the issue. Plus, if Ryan and JJ are offended, then that's what matters. The Fake JJ Hardy never said anything terrible, but some of the fake President Bushes and other fake celebrities have done/said some pretty unmentionable things.


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          The nice thing about politicians on facebook now, is you can tell who is actually real and who is fake.
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