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Fielder, Braun, Hart get renewed

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  • Fielder, Braun, Hart get renewed

    Fielder, Braun, Hart get renewed - Brewers Blog

    Phoenix - The Brewers took care of their five remaining unsigned players this morning by renewing the contracts of first baseman Prince Fielder, leftfielder Ryan Braun and rightfielder Corey Hart, and agreeing to terms with second baseman Rickie Weeks and Gabe Gross.

    The contracts of Fielder, Braun and Hart were renewed because their agents did not agree with the contract offers made by the Brewers, who use a formula to determine salaries of players with zero to three years of experience. It is the second consecutive year that Fielder had his contract renewed.

    I haven't seen the terms of the deals yet but I believe Fielder is getting around $650,000, after making $415,000 last year. Braun, I was informed, is getting $455,000 after making a rookie salary of $380,000 last year. Under the formula the Brewers use, Fielder received a bonus for finishing third in the MVP voting and Braun got extra pay for winning the NL rookie of the year award.

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    That takes cure of that and now we can play ball.


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      Fielder: "I'm not happy about it"

      Fielder: "I'm not happy about it" - Brewers Blog

      Phoenix - As I suggested in an earlier blog, Prince Fielder is not happy about having his contract renewed for a second consecutive spring by the Brewers.

      When the sides couldn't come to agreement on a deal, the club renewed Fielder at about $650,000. Last year, he made $415,000 when he became the youngest player (23) to hit 50 homers in a season.

      "I'm not happy about it at all," Fielder said after the Brewers' workout this morning. "The fact that they've renewed me two years in a row now.

      "There are a lot of guys with the same amount of time I have who have done a lot less than me and are getting paid a lot more. But my time is going to come and it's coming quick, too."


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        I would think he would be but that is how the game is set up and no question that Fielder will get paid latter on.


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          Fielder certainly seems to have something to complain about, but next year he can go to arbitration and considering how well Ryan Howard did Fielder ought to clean up then.
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