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Will Brewers discard ace next season?

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  • Will Brewers discard ace next season?

    JS Online: Will Brewers discard ace next season?

    Tucson, Ariz. - Ben Sheets was most economical in his first spring-training start Saturday, throwing 16 pitches in two innings against the Colorado Rockies.

    How economical he'll be on baseball's more uneven field of play next off-season is another question entirely for the Milwaukee Brewers.

    The $10 million-a-year ace who has never won more than 12 games in any of his seven seasons, mostly because of injuries and illnesses that would defy Dr. Schweitzer, is in another contract year. If his numbers finally match his skills, the Brewers won't be able to afford him. Maybe their resources would be better invested in the futures market.

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    Not sure what to think about this one but I'm sure the Upcomming season will sure answer it.


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      they have to, they won't be able to afford him.


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        There is a problem here. If Sheets has a good year this year, he will cost too much in the offseason. Whereas, if he has a bad year where he is injured/ineffective, the Brewers are going to want to cut ties with him because he won't be economically viable.

        Either way it doesn't seem good, though if you look on the bright side he seems to love Milwaukee and is part owner of their minor league hockey team (that could give him incentive to stay...ok, maybe not. I'm clutching at straws here).
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