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    How do Brewers fans feel today about Sheffield? I know he tanked to get out of Milwaukee in 1991, but do Brewers fans respect him for the career he has had? Finally, for fun, if the Brewers needed a player to get to the World Series and that player HAD to be Sheffield and nobody else, would you take him?

    Personally, I have never liked or respected him since he admitted in Sports Illustrated years ago that he purposely threw balls away while playing 3B to get traded out of Milwaukee. What was so bad about Milwaukee that he would cost his team games in an effort to get out? I don't care if he hits 500 homers, Sheffield is a dog in my book.

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    He is not the most liked man in Milwaukee. Intentionally tanking plays is unforgivable and I wouldn't want to see him on the Brewers ever again.

    What amazes me is that Mitchell and Ness released a Brewers Sheffield jersey. What were they thinking?
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      Yeah, I agree with brewcrew. I've always considered Sheffield throwing away games just as bad as the 1919 Black Sox - attempting to change the outcome of games/plays for finicial personal gain.

      Bud Selig owned the Brewers then, and was the commish when Sh*tfield made those comments in SI, and I'm surprised his office didn't take any actions against him. I know an interview in SI isn't exactly a court of law, but his comments really were outrageous.

      As for not playing in Milwuakee, it's a medium-market Midwestern town (despite being bigger than Boston) that has sort of 'boring' image.

      In the 1970's in the NFL, Green Bay (who were a horrible team at the time) was considered a dump where has-been players would get traded.

      When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was Freddy Alcindor and played for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, he asked to be traded to a city that could 'meet his cultural needs'.

      Even last year, when the Bucks drafted Yi Jianlian, the Chinese National Team threatened to refuse to let him play in America, because they wanted him to play in a big-market city (LA or NY). I think since the Bucks are owned by a sitting US Senator, they gave in.

      Milwaukee is a medium-market city treated like a small-market city (we're not Fargo), and I think a lot of pro atheletes dread getting drafted by us.


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        That was wrong what he did to the Brewers. He caused so much of a stir in the clubhouse that the Brew Crew had to trade him off. Later, the Padres sent him to Florida much to his dismay; but of course the Marlins gave him that big contract to shut him up.
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          How Do You Say?

          I want to know why he has become a little media darling? He is spoken on ESPN and Fox and Tavis Smiley (check out PBS) as a great person and an all time great player. HOW!?

          He all but dropped his pants and left a pile on each and every fan of the Brewers. He knew what he was doing and was doing it out of spite and greed. Then he moves on and flaunts that fact as he desribes his actions and smiles about them. And I am suppose to some how think it is no big deal anymore?

          Let's talk some day after he goes on television and looks right into the camera and gives a true appology to the team, to the fans, and to the city.

          If he does make it to the HOF; I'll bet that it wouldn't take much at all to fill a couple of buses full of people that would stand and boo and jeer him during his entire speech.


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