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  • I hope its just me ...

    Is it just me or do the Brewers always seem to have a rough time in the month of May? I tried looking for a month by month break down of their winning percentage, but was unable to find one. Last year they started out hot in May and I thought the curse was over, but the last half of the month was dismal. they ended up 14-15 on the month.
    "It's fun, that's what it is, it's fun. Baseball is more fun than anything else. You can watch it and just love it and enjoy it. I don't think that there's anything tremendously philosophical about it. I don't think there's anything metaphysical I just think its so much fun to watch." - Robert Creamer

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    Here is the Brewers May records since 2000:

    2000- 13-16 .448 pct.
    2001- 15-13 .536 pct.
    2002- 10-18 .357 pct.
    2003- 12-16 .429 pct.
    2004- 13-13 .500 pct.
    2005- 14-14 .500 pct.
    2006- 12-16 .429 pct.
    2007- 14-15 .483 pct.

    Only one year in the last 8 seasons where the Brewers finished over .500 in May. It's not your imagination.


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