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Turnbow DFA'd

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  • Turnbow DFA'd

    Turnbow has been sent down to Nashville, whilst Joe Dillon has been called up.


    Does anyone think there is a team that will give the Brewers ANYTHING for Turnbow?
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    Given Turnbow's ineffectiveness and $3.2M salary there is zero chance to trade for anything. You can hope that if the Brewers offer him a minor league assignment that he turns it down. Then you are off the hook financially. Usually for that kind of dough a guy swallows his pride and reports to the minors.
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      Finally, I can watch the 8th inning of Brewers games again.
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        This should have been done a year ago.

        I was hoping he would of turned it down so that the team was free of that salary as well.

        I wish him well...just not in Milwaukee.


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