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Milwaukee Brewers Season Preview (article)(New 3-23)

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  • Milwaukee Brewers Season Preview (article)(New 3-23)

    Hey Brewers fans, I usually do not post on message boards due to the amount I visit each and every day. I first wanted to thank all the fans at this forum, and all the Brewers forums for providing me with some great info. I am a hardcore fantasy baseball fan who plays in many leagues that are both AL, and NL only. Fantasy baseball is passion of mine, and I make sure to check out all the fan boards, because the fans usually have the best insight.

    I am making this post to give back a little for all the info I have received. I stumbled upon a website that has made a ridiculously in depth analysis on the Milwaukee Brewers. The article on the offense is roughly 7 pages long, and there is a Video of about 5 minutes on the pitching staff.

    I truly hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did,

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