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You guys were right about Spivey...

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  • You guys were right about Spivey...

    He's a dud, as noticed by the Brewers, before being sent to Washington last year. His .150 batting average, bad offense, no defense...and this is going to be the second baseman for the Cardinals? I hope to god no. This isn't a "bash Junior Spivey" thread, by the way. I'm just very disappointed in him.

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    He's definately declined sharply since his days in Arizona. h
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      If anybody could fix him it would be the Cards, though, they made Tony Womack into a 2B capable of winning a starting contract for the Yankees. Of course, your hitting coach during the Womack experiment is now with us and we aren't hitting the ball either.
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        Originally posted by KingJ
        If anybody could fix him it would be the Cards
        With the team that you have fixing him won't be a problem.
        It shouldn't matter who your 2nd baseman is.


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