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2013 Brewers Season Thread

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  • 2013 Brewers Season Thread

    A new baseball season always makes me happy. It's the Brewers' 2013 season. Post away.

    "And their chances of getting back into this ballgame are growing dimmer by the batter."

    Put it in the books.

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    Originally posted by milladrive View Post
    A new baseball season always makes me happy. It's the Brewers' 2013 season. Post away.

    Well, it's really been a disaster, hasn't it? One intended regular injured before the season began, another who was expected to miss a couple of months out for the full season, the regular 3B only intermittently available due to injuries, our LF only really productive for a month or two and then disabled and still further banished for the rest of the season. Our 2B having another disappointing season, and first basemen by the half-dozen, many of whom are NOT actual first basemen!

    The ace closer from two years ago still hasn't returned to form, two starting pitchers missing large chunks of the season due to injuries, and patchwork required just to field a team with a TON of new faces who arguably don't belong in the majors quite yet.

    A guy we let go after the 2011 season proving to be a very handy fill-in at first and third and damn near carrying the team in the first month-and-a-half.....

    On the other hand, Segura has proven to be a wonderful surprise. Not only can he run and field, but he can hit, and with a surprising amount of power! And Gomez has been spectacularly inconsistent at the plate, but a hustler, an excellent fielder, and fairly awesome when his bat is hot!

    Lucroy proving to be a very productive hitter with more power than he had previously shown, and Henderson proving to be a competent closer. The kids on the pitching staff overall being quite productive, even though our whiz-kid pitcher Fiers from last year has been somewhat disastrous.

    And through it all, steady old Reinicke managing somehow to maintain at least most of his sanity......

    I can hardly wait for 2014!
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      Could Carlos Pena be a fit for the Brewers?
      The Mets have the best, smartest fans in baseball.


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