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Minaya gone mad?

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  • Minaya gone mad?

    I am an Omar Minaya fan, but am not a fan of the Mets.

    I'm wondering, how are you Mets fans taking to his gutting your Farm for aging Vets?

    He's sold off just about every one of your Top Prospects with the exception of Lastings and now I'm reading about Rumors to trade him to get Javy!

    I cannot give Omar too much praise for the work he's going, because had Duquette been given as much room to operate he'd have done the same.

    Selling your teams future for a 'Win now" approach can be dangerous.
    That all or nothing is a big gamble and you could wind up like the O's when Angelous tried to win it all by getting Belle, Surhoff, Alomar, and filling the roster with plenty of FA's. They are still feeling those affects.

    Who's 'buying' a Championship now? Well we all know the Braves are the Mets 400lb Gorilla...but is this the year you finally unseat the Braves from 1st place?
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    As a levelheaded and realistic Met fan, I have utmost respect for the Atlanta organization because whereas the Mets are stupid, the Braves are smart. I only wish the morons in the front office are half as smart as their ATL counterparts.

    Yes, if this Mets team win the WS, it will be buying the championship. I am ok with it though, because these morons in the front office have proven yet again that they will not wait for the young players to blossom. I am telling you, Omar would be trading Wright for Vazquez right now if Wright hadn't come out blazing. I was looking forward to the youngsters growing up and winning together, but I was only being silly.

    Omar is a good spender, but as far as making good trades and getting bargain deals, he's no good, that much I know. The Mets have replaced the Yanks as the team to use to drive up bidding.


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      The jury is still out on the acquisitions of Mr. Minaya. A review of the Mets prior veteran acquisitions under Al Harazin and Steve Phillips do not suggest a pennant is forthcoming. Met fans should not forget the exhilaration of Bobby Bonilla, Brett Saberhagen, Vince Coleman, Robbie Alomar, Jeromy Burnitz and Mo Vaughn. The Mets organization just cannot restrain itself from reverting to the "quick fix" approach. Player development means nothing to them. Yet, the Braves have formulated a blue print from player development (which at last look is not copyrighted) and have won the division fourteen (14) years straight. The words of Abraham Lincoln sum it up best; "I walk slowly but I never walk backward.
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        While I wouldn't quite say that Minaya is the next coming of Steven Phillips re his acquisition of Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, Jeromy Burnitz, et al, because the Mets haven't usually attracted top free agents, despite the best efforts of Mike Piazza in the past, they are forced to overpay players, either in an extra year, in the case of Pedro, and perhaps (but I'm not sure on) in the case of trades.

        Who are all the guys the Mets gave up from the farm, and how serviceable were those guys to be in 2006-2007? Any top prospects that were expected to really create excitement (like Reyes or Wright)?

        I'm not sure what their payroll will be, but I imagine it will be in the $130m range.

        I've heard that the bullpen, other than new closer Billy Wagner, isn't too strong. What are the various holes that haven't been filled, despite the big-name free agent acquisitions and trades?
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          Well we'll all get to watch how things unfold. The Mets do have an impressive list of minor league sensations who never quite panned out.


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            I get so angry at the consistently idiotic philosophy of this organization that sometimes I just decide to not pay attention. Only 3 years ago the team lived through the height of the Steve Phillips engineered disaster. Now we are back to long contracts to overpaid old players. Granted, the level of the veterans acquired the last two years are better than that of the 2002 crop, but what do these acquisitions give us? 2 good years? 3 tops? Will this team continue to patch up mistakes by investing MORE into bad contracts?

            To me, the peak of idiocy was signing Glavine to what has turned out to be a 4 year deal. The direction of the team improved thereafter, drawing me back. Then they drop the Kazmir-Zambrano bombshell. Now the entire team has one good prospect, and he could go any minute for another veteran making big bucks.


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              The acquisitions made by Minaya follow the same pattern as his predecessors Al Harazin and Steve Phillips. In fairness with the Mets starting their own network they need big names to attract sponsors. The "quick fix" approach has failed in other venues such as the Angels under Gene Autry when he acquired Joe Rudi, Bobby Grich, Don Baylor, Doug DeCinces and Jim Slaton. The result no pennant and no ring.

              Frank Cashen and Joe MacIllvaine relied on player dvelopment. They made trades for Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter but the core of their last champiuonship team was home grown. Why Minaya and the Mets continue to deviate from this plan is difficult to understand.
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                Well, Frank Cashen also destroyed that great 1986 team...and Joe MacIllvaine was terrible when he was made the full GM...

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                  How did Cashen destroy the 86 team? The Mets were contenders in 1987. They lost out to the Cardinals in September. In 1988, The Mets won the Division and lost to the Dodgers in the playoffs. MacIllvaine left and went to San Diego. He was rehired and than fired by Fred Wilpon in the midst of rebuilding the mess left by Al Harazin. Wilpon alleged he wanted a high profile General Manager so he than hired Steve Phillips. Bobby Valentine the manager hired by MacIllvaine was allowed to remain manager under Phillips. Wilpon later fired Valentine (a huge mistake) but not Phillips. Typical of Wilpon who later allowed Steve Phillips a "lame duck" G. M. to convince him to hire Art Howe as manager despite the fact Wilpon would not extend Phillips' contract. Without Cashen and MacIllvaine the Mets win nothing in the eighties.


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                    The destruction of the 80's Mets began with the Lenny Dykstra trade which was pretty much a Davey Johnson move.


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                      I guess it was an overstatement to say that he destroyed the team, but he also traded Dykstra, Mitchell, McDowell, and Backman...

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                        Minaya gutted our farm, too. I guess he thought Bartolo Colon for half a season was worth more than then-prospects Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Jason Bay, and Chris Young.

                        In a few years, expect to see all the Mets minor league teams to be last in their respective divisions.
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                          I think it's safe to sum up the state of the affair of the Mets by saying that the stupidity starts top down. Morons hire morons who make bad decisions.

                          Minaya is a bad GM, the Wilpons may be worse owners (in terms of baseball savvy).

                          This current Met roster looks good on paper because of all the big names, but it's a very thin team. If a small number of key players go down with injuries (Pedro and Wagner, and to a lesser extent, Floyd). The season will get ugly real fast, and there's no farm system to speak of that can help.


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                            You know, lost in all this invective, is Steve Phillips is now on ESPN explaining to us what boobs the other GM's are.
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                              Originally posted by Joltin Joe Giradio
                              Minaya is a bad GM, the Wilpons may be worse owners (in terms of baseball savvy).

                              This current Met roster looks good on paper because of all the big names, but it's a very thin team. If a small number of key players go down with injuries (Pedro and Wagner, and to a lesser extent, Floyd). The season will get ugly real fast, and there's no farm system to speak of that can help.
                              Minaya hasn't proven to be a bad GM. The only real disappointment last season was Carlos Beltran who should improve with Delgado in the lineup. The Mets were thought by many, including myself, to be a .500 team and they were exactly that.

                              And about the Mets roster looking good on paper but being very thin. That's becoming a cliche. That same thing can be said for various teams year in and year out. This year they are expected to be contenders, if they don't make the playoffs then it will be a disappointing season.



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