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  • Question for Mets Fan

    Does Omar's spending seem to worry you?
    He's also completed the gutting of the Farm system....a job started by the idiots Steve Phillips and Duquette.

    The Mets have this look of Desperation, but it's really not that serious.
    I like D.Wright; Reyes is coming along and I'm really curious to see Lastings and see if he's the Real Deal.

    Any thoughts?
    "After my fourth season I asked for $43,000 and General Manager Ed Barrow told me, 'Young man, do you realize Lou Gehrig, a 16-year-man, is playing for only $44,000?' I said, Mr. Barrow, there is only one answer to that - Mr. Gehrig is terribly underpaid."- Yankees outfielder Joe DiMaggio

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    I think a lot of us agree with you. He's put together a decent team, but never seems to get the better end of any deal. He's definitley not afraid to part with prospects or spend money. Some of his moves are good, and while others may not seem good on paper, I can see the potential upside. But then there are those real head scratchers that I just can't fathom why he did it.


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