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History behind "Let's Go Mets"

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  • History behind "Let's Go Mets"

    I know that ex-Mets and Phillies closer, Tug McGraw is credited with coining this. Where did it come from?

    Also, where did "Amazin' Mets" and "Ya Gotta Believe" come from?
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    Actually, Tug is only responsible for making " You gotta believe" famous, "Lets go Mets" goes back a little further.
    This took place around 1961 or so, when the Mets were being formed and a name for the team was needed. At that time Mrs. Payson, the owner, originally wanted to call the team "The Meadowlarks" (yikes) but, choosing not to wield her power, let the team hold a contest. Besides the Meadowlarks, the other choices were Continentals, Skyliners, Jets, Burros (no joke), Skyscrapers, Rebels NYB's and Mets. The official name of the corporation had always been the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc. Then, Dan Parker a sports editor and columnist for the New York Mirror, had been calling the team the Mets from the beginning. so it was really no surprise to anyone when Mrs Payson acted like she was pulling the name out of the hat and announced "I like this one, The Mets". "OK", someone in the audience responded,"Lets go Mets". And that was that. As far as McGraw is concerned, that phrase was coined in 1973 when he was having serious doubts about his pitching abilities. He got in touch with a close friend who told him that before he could succeed on the mound he had to get his confidence and concentration back. The only way to do that, his friend said, is to believe in yourself. Supposedly McGraw pondered and responded, " You gotta believe....."
    And that, my friend, is the rest of the story....
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      Let's Go Mets... Ya Gotta believe

      When the fans voted, "Skyliners" finished 2nd.
      McGraw was responsible for coining the phrase "Ya Gotta Believe". It was in 1973 and he was mocking Donald M Grant [who later traded George] who was giving the team a pep talk.
      Casey Stengel first called them "The Amazin' Mets," because they were just that.
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