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Mets To Acquire Zito And Keep Miledge

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  • Mets To Acquire Zito And Keep Miledge

    And that trade would be bringing in left Barry Zito from Oakland. My source also says something that is very different from any report of a Zito trade, and that the Mets may get away with Zito, and still have top prospect Lastings Milledge in hand.

    Word is that Omar only made this trade because he felt pretty confident about acquiring Zito. He expects Omar to send Jorge Julio and John Maine to Oakland along with Aaron Heilman, and either Victor Diaz, or Omar will trade Diaz for prospects and then trade those prospects to Oakland to get Zito.

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    I wouldn't do that trade -- Zito is so overrated. Let's also remember that he's a free agent after this season, so we could very well trade a bunch of talent for a one-year rental. Zito's numbers have been dwindling every year, his only big upside is that he's a lefty. I would only try to get him if we didn't have to give up Heilman or Milledge.

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      Zito is a great pitcher, however, there is no way Omar will give up Heilman. The organization cannot lose Seo and Heilman.
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