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Pedro Will Wear Special Shoe For Rest Of Career.

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  • Pedro Will Wear Special Shoe For Rest Of Career.

    "I'm waiting for a special shoe, designed by a physician, which Nike is manufacturing so that my foot won't keep bothering me," Martinez told the international channel Color Vision, based in Santo Domingo.

    "They've got to remove a piece that's under the damaged area to the shoe I used previously," he added.

    "By having this irregular movement on my right foot, I've damaged the cartilage of my toe," said Martinez.

    "The pain became insufferable during the 2004 season, and I had to take a cortisone shot in order to tolerate the pain and be able to help Boston win the World Series. Last year, the pain returned in June, but the doctors recommended that, rather than ignoring the wound by applying cortisone, I rehabilitate the foot instead, which is what we're doing right now."

    "I have faith in God and I know I'll be ready. I'm being optimistic that I'll be able to play the World Baseball Classic and the 2006 season," said Martinez.

    I hope Pedro will continue to pitch great for us and remain healthy. These quotes show the extent of the injury and it's an eye opener for all Mets fans.

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    Pedro Will Wear Special Shoe For Rest Of Career

    Yes it is an eye opener I hope he is able to pitch for us the whole season, otherwise the genius Minaya will look even worst with the 2 bad trades he just made. I was thinking about Pedro's toe immediately after Omar traded Seo for 2 suspects and then after he traded Anna Benson for a failure (Julio) with that famous big upside and another suspect Maine. Our starting rotation isn't that good right now and our bullpen is wanting even though he has signed every available unwanted pitcher by other then some triple A teams. Lets hope and pray we get alot of runs this year to help out our no so good pitching.
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    Lets support Gil Hodges for The Hall of Fame, a true Hall of Famer.


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