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ESPN: Special Invitation - Mets GM Omar Minaya

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  • ESPN: Special Invitation - Mets GM Omar Minaya

    Good Afternoon.

    My name is Melissa Salvo and I am the Audience Coordinator for the ESPN sports talk show Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith.

    The reason that I am contacting you is that we just found out that current New York Mets General Manager, Omar Minaya, will be appearing live in studio for tomorrow evening’s show.

    We would like to extend to your website the remaining 10-15 FREE tickets to attend the show. It would be a great opportunity for some of your fellow board members to meet up and see a current baseball GM. These tickets are open to all board members, family members, and friends.

    We realize this is such short notice, but it would be great if we could have some Met fans in the audience to represent and help support Omar.

    The show time again will be this Wednesday, February 8 at 6:30 pm. Doors will open up at 5:00pm. The studio is conveniently located across the street from Madison Square Gardens in New York City. And again, all tickets are FREE to attend.

    If you or any board member is interested in those free tickets or need more information, please contact us back as soon as possible by phone at 646-708-7102 or drop us an email at [email protected] to make a reservation.

    In addition, please feel free to post this information on your website to make available for all members to see.

    Thank you.

    Melissa Salvo
    Audience Coordinator
    [email protected]

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    Just tell him that he's an idiot for me...Thanks in advance.

    Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...


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      Moe....Ya got a sense of humor....lolol
      North of the Big Apple but missing Central Fla :atthepc


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        What can I say, you need one to be a Mets fan...

        Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...


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          Moe, This one's for all us Mets fans..May we always have a sense of
          humor...The way this franchise is run, we need it.. lol
          North of the Big Apple but missing Central Fla :atthepc


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            I did some research, and this offer seems very legit. It's up to you folks how you wish to handle this, but if going, please exercise discretion. Also, you're "on your own/at your own risk", etc.

            The phone number for the Stephen A Smith Show is 212-715-6800, and during this, the phone number listed here is mentioned during the taped recording. I also called the phone number just to make sure.

            Take care.
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