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Mets 1962 Yearbook edition question

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  • Mets 1962 Yearbook edition question

    Hello, I'm trying to find out which of the 5 editions of the 1962 Mets Yearbook I have. I am posting a picture of the inside of the back cover, as my understanding is the calendar is different for each edition. The back cover is the Rheingold woman, and is in color. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Milladrive, a moderator here at Baseball Fever who has, unfortunately, been inactive for over a year, has an extensive collection of Mets yearbooks and has blogged about the first few years right here at Baseball Fever. He breaks down the 1962 editions not by schedule date but by roster date, as follows:

    1. April 8 roster w/monochrome back cover.
    2. April 8 roster w/color back cover.
    3. April 13 roster.
    4. June 25 roster w/June through September schedule page.
    5. June 25 roster w/August through September schedule page

    Since your edition has the complete 1962 schedule, I'm going to presume you have one of the April roster issues. Here's what Milladrive has to say about those:

    The first two issues of the 1962 New York Mets yearbook both have rosters dated April 8. The difference between them is the back cover. One of them is monochrome (black and white), and one of them is in color.

    1. The April 8 issue with the black and white back cover, as collectible as it is, is less difficult to find than is the issue with the color back. If one comes across a 1962 Mets yearbook with a roster dated April 8, odds are it will have a back cover ad in black and white.

    2. The color version dated April 8 is one of the rarest pieces of all baseball collectibles. Considered the “Holy Grail” of Mets yearbooks, I personally can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen one outside of my collection. Depending on condition, it can be valued in the five-digit vacinity. If you happen to come across someone unaware of its value and is selling it, I suggest leaping on it, no matter what the price.

    3. The third issue in 1962 has a roster dated April 13, which was the date of the Mets' first home game at New York's Polo Grounds. Its date, being so quick to be issued, rendered even more scarce those dated five days earlier. All April 13 editions have a color back cover.

    The first three issues of this year contain some back pages -- the total pages of these early yearbooks usually amounted to 48 on stock paper -- that are not found in the two subsequent issues. Of special mention are the pages featuring photos of the Mets first Spring Training in Florida.

    Milladrive's complete writeup on 1962 Mets yearbooks can be found here (link). And Milladrive, if you're reading this: to paraphrase the pre-recorded announcement they used to broadcast outside Citi Field: we hope you're safe, 'cause we want you back.
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