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    I really like Callaway so far. Upbeat, positive, etc.

    With that said - does anyone think (besides me) that he is a little too over the top positive?

    Maybe being a cynical Met fan I am always in "show me" mode, and lets not talk about it....lets do it. I think I am that way regardless but more so with the Mets.

    For instance some of his quotes just seem .... I don't know.

    "It is very evident we are prepared in every way to go out there and do something special,"

    He got that already and everyone isn't there yet?
    "This is the best group of arms and stuff I've ever seen from top to bottom."

    Wasn't he just in Cleveland with Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar, Miller, Shaw...etc? Just seems a little presumptuous after a day or so....even two weeks or so.
    This is probably my favorite:
    "They look to their left, and they look to their right and they know they can contend. We have the players that can do it. It has become very evident in my time here at Port St. Luice... it is very evident that we are prepared in every way to go out there and do something special. If we do not do things, it's going to be on me. The front office has gotten us the players, the coaching staff is the best coaching staff in the big leagues."

    Ok cmon dude. Seriously? Don't you think you should actually at least play a game or two first?

    I get that the Met fan is looking for some positivity, but I believe it really has to come on the field before the words. Words are just words. Right now this rhetoric, although I appreciate it -- just seems a little silly to me.

    I wont even get into his initial comments:
    "We're going to care more about the players than anyone ever has before," the 42-year-old Callaway said, wearing his new No. 36 Mets jersey. "We're going to know that they are human beings and individuals; and this is going to be a group that feels that every day they come into the clubhouse. Our main concern is to show them that we know this game is difficult and we care about you as a player, a human being and about your personal life.

    Lets just hope this group stays healthy and plays well -- the love fest can follow, but lets play well on the field first.
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