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    Mets are on the hook for his salary for his age 38-41 seasons. In the process they leave Jeff McNeil, a player 10 years younger, with the same projected value next season, that costs maybe 3% as much, with no position.

    I believe Cano will wind up being subtraction by addition.

    As an afterthought, last year's 77 win team now has an elite closer. No bridge relievers, not much firepower added to last year's terrible offense, but we have a closer now. It cost two top prospects in addition to the pile of money Cano is owed.

    Of course, Fred has already set the date for a crass Cano bobblehead promotion - Obi Wan Canobi.

    Cano is the prototypical Wilpon acquisition. Big name, bobblehead ready, declining back page fodder. At the end of five years, I expect this to work out as well as most of the rest of Fred's similar acquisitions - not too well.

    "The Fightin' Met With Two Heads" - Mike Tyson/Ray Knight!

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    It could turn out to be a disaster, although initially I like the trade as whole. Thank goodness Bruce and Swarzak are gone. Seattle took 2 prospects from team that cant produce any of them. We also got the best closer of 2018.

    I can only hope this contract is not the absolute disaster that David Wrights was. Imagine putting ink to paper while the player is 4 years in decline, and injured. I doubt it becomes the disaster that Wrights was, but I am measuring it against the worst contract in Met history.

    As of today I like the Diaz/Cano move. There is plenty more to do.

    Time will answer all these questions. I left my crystal ball at work this weekend.


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      Yeah --- I'm not expecting much from Robinson Cano. They will probably have to eat the last year or 2 of his contract.

      For 2019, success depends on improved offensive numbers from people like Frazier, Conforto, D'Arnaud, Rosario, etc.


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        I would really like the Mets to pick up another LHSP and dump Vargas into the bullpen. Keuchel isn't happening, but Gio Gonzalez is out there and can be had for less than what Vargas was signed for.


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          No more PEDs + wrong side of 30 + cavernous CitiField = disastrous five years in Flushing.
          They call me Mr. Baseball. Not because of my love for the game; because of all the stitches in my head.


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            Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
            No more PEDs + wrong side of 30 + cavernous CitiField = disastrous five years in Flushing.
            Similar park in Seattle.

            I think Cano hits


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