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Mets Turn to Blanton or Haren

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    A's really need a center fielder. Kotsay is brittle. If they'd go for Milledge and Plefrey for Blanton and we get to keep Gomez, Heillman, and Maine, I'm down. Haren will be too expensive. Blanton is a bulldog.
    Aside, Jeremiah was a bullfrog and a good friend of mine.
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      Originally posted by NYMets523 View Post
      Dealing with Billy Beane is like playing the slots. If you want to hit the jackpot, you're going to have to pay a lot.
      Beane likes to make a lot of trades. He is pretty good at evaluating talent, but he is far from perfect. He gave Hudson to the Braves, gave away Eric Byrnes, and traded both Bonderman and Carlos Pena(in the same deal) to get Ted Lilly. Lucky for us he is about the only one who still values Milledge as top young player. I could see him pulling off a bad deal~~~or maybe it's just wishful thinking.


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        Originally posted by LA Mets Fan View Post
        It's unfortunate that Mets don't even have the talents to compete with most of the teams that want Santana or go after Haren. Maybe what Mets should do is improve the scouting and the farm system and hope that in a few years they'll have their own Santana and Haren to pitch for them.
        I concur with assessment.


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