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Minaya Upgrades The Bullpen?

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  • Minaya Upgrades The Bullpen?

    Mets trade for reliever Stokes

    2:51 PM EST, November 28, 2007

    Reliever Brian Stokes was acquired Wednesday by the Mets from the Tampa Bay Rays for cash.

    The 28-year-old right-hander was 2-7 with a 7.07 ERA in 59 games for Tampa Bay last season, allowing 49 runs and 90 hits in 62 1-3 innings. He is 3-3 with three saves and a 4.30 ERA in three starts and nine relief appearances for Mexicali of the Mexican Winter League.

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    Yes, this greatly improves the NEW ORLEANS bullpen for 2008.


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      You mean you think Steve Schmoll should start to worry?


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        Originally posted by Matty View Post
        You mean you think Steve Schmoll should start to worry?
        I think Steve Schmoll will get taken in the rule 5 draft. That's what a source I respect told me today.


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          What a great loss that would be. Maybe he could fit right in next to Jeff Adkins in their setup man by committee bullpen.


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            We still have 4 spots open on the 40-man after this move was made. Most likely the D-Rays had to clear a spot and decided to make a couple of thousand dollars rather than losing a player for nothing next week. Is Stokes going to be an impact player? I doubt it. Will he even pitch for the big club in 08? most likely not. But who knows. We have one of the highest paid pitching coaches in the game. Give him 15 minutes and see what he can do with him, if not cut him loose when a roster move is needed. Doesn't cost much at all.


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              A 7.07 ERA won't upgrade my Longhorn's bullpen.
              Originally posted by Domenic
              The Yankees should see if Yogi Berra can still get behind the plate - he has ten World Series rings... he must be worth forty or fifty million a season.


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                I think Brian Stokes is just another guy who will ultimately wind up in New Orleans/maybe take up a spot on the 40-man roster. With Steve "One Funky Pitch With No Control" Schmoll likely to be taken by some club in the Rule V Draft (With Jay Marshall becoming a Rule V Pick, the obsession with submarine-balling lefty and righty specialists is official...) and Robert Paulk and maybe Tim McNab staying at Binghamton, we needed someone just as roster filler. You saw the same last year with Jake Gautreau acquired for cash simply because we needed a AAA second baseman.
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