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same home run apple comming to shea??

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  • same home run apple comming to shea??

    The huge fiberglass apple that pops up when the New York Mets hit home runs will follow them to their new ballpark when it opens next year.
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    Yes!! I wanted that to happen


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      Gee, this raises more questions than it answers. Will it be a new one ? If so, what wil they do with the old one ? Can it be possible that we really care this much ? Will it be the only non-Dodger thing at Citi ?


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        I'm pretty sure it's going to be a new apple.

        I wonder if it will still come out of a hat! The apple was originally built in 1982 as a tie-in with the advertising theme "The Magic Is Back," and where it now says HOME RUN the hat originally said "Mets Magic." So maybe the new apple will not come out of a hat.
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          If it's a new one, the old one should go to the HOF


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            The Magic Was Back In '82, But Somehow The Team Still Sucked

            I guess it will be some kind of shiny new modern respectable type of thing. Someday there will be a generation of fans who will never know just how cheesy and sometimes embarasing this franchise's history is.

            A dented homemade looking apple with 20 coats of paint popping out of a paper mache looking top hat. If it doesn't make the move, I want it.


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              Considering that fans will be able to get much closer to the apple in the new park than the old, I really hope they build a new apple.

              Otherwise, Opening Day 2009 will be marred by a constant, "Oh..." as fans walk by the apple for the first time and realize that it probably wasn't worth saving.


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