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1969 Mets Vintage Collectibles

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  • 1969 Mets Vintage Collectibles

    There is a very rare 1969 NY METS Collectible, that everyone seems to be talking about... Its the 1969 NY METS Portfolio of Stars. It was released by the Daily News, 20 Mets were drawn by sports cartoonist Ron Stark. This Item is Very hard to find, and worth a lot of money. (If its in good condition and in full)...

    I actually stumbled across it in my house, it was in its original envelope, and folder containing all 20 Mets...

    Now its for sale on E-Bay

    I have tons of vintage cards, all in good to excellent condition all Topps 65,66,67,68,78,79,80... Donruss 1988. Mets Yearbooks. Other teams as well. I plan on selling almost everything off. So please visit my ebay store, and if there is something that you want and don't see, please e-mail me.

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    Thats more than I make in a year! Granted, I don't have a job, it's still a big number.


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      I've got those. Thy're one of the few things saved from when I was a kid.

      Although I'm sure mine are not in mint condition. Saving things for future value was not part of the thought process then.


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