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In search of an old NYM commerical spot

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  • In search of an old NYM commerical spot

    I'm a long time NYM fan since '76 which was the first game I ever attended with my Dad and Grandfather! Some time later ('77-81) I spotted a commercial 5-10 spot on TV while visiting NY (I've since moved to CA in '78-still a fan though). The commercial was a standard short spot on TV but there was a shot with me in it. I was a young 5 year old boy wearing a hard helmet that was given to all the young fans that day. I've been searching for years to find an archive of all those 'spots' in the hopes to find the one with me in it. Not sure where to look and was hoping anyone could point me in the right direction. It would be quite meaningful for me to complete my childhood collection. I still have my ticket from that day, a picture and would love to have the video. Thank you for any assistance!!!!

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    Who broadcasted the Mets games back then? WWOR channel 9? If so contact them... they may be able to help you.
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      Good luck, it'll be hard to find, but "you can do it!"

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