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mets hosting allstar game in 2013

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  • mets hosting allstar game in 2013

    Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said that he has been informed commissioner Bud Selig will soon announce the Mets will host an All-Star Game in the near future.
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    I'm glad we're finally getting the All-Star Game (if the report is true), but I'm upset that we had to wait 50 years for the honor of playing host again.

    Since 1964, when the All-Star game was played at Shea Stadium, seven clubs have hosted it twice:
    1. Angels - Anaheim Stadium - 1967, 1989 (22 years)
    2. Astros - Astrodome - 1968, 1986 (18 years)
    3. Padres - Jack Murphy Stadium - 1978, 1992 (14 years)
    4. Phillies - Veterans Stadium - 1976, 1996 (20 years)
    5. Pirates - Three Rivers Stadium - 1974, 1994 (20 years)
    6. Reds - Riverfront Stadium - 1970, 1988 (18 years)
    7. Yankees - Yankee Stadium - 1977, 2008 (31 years)

    That doesn't take into account teams that hosted it more than once but the games were played in different stadiums (e.g. Indians - Municipal Stadium 1981, Jacobs Field 1997). No, I'm talking about the game being played in the very same stadium.

    So it's damn well about time the Mets are getting the game again! And I don't want to want 50 years for the third one! If the freakin' Padres can get the game again after only 14 years, why the heck are the Mets on the bottom of the list?
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      Shouldn't they just cycle through all 30 teams? If every team has to have an All-Star, then every team can have an All-Star game.


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        No. Actually the Mets have not wanted to host the game. When slots have been available, in between new stadiums, special anniversaries, etc, they have not asked for the game. Apparently in some ways it's more work and cost than it's worth.


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          All I can say is its about time:applaud::atthepc


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