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Mets finalize 25 man roster

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  • Mets finalize 25 man roster


    1B Delgado
    2b Castillo
    SS Reyes
    3B Wright
    LF Pagan
    CF Beltran
    RF Church
    C Schneider

    SP Santana
    SP Pedro
    SP Perez
    SP Maine
    SP Pelfry


    C Castro (or Cassanova, did they DL Castro?)
    IF Easley
    OF Marlon Anderson, Chavez, Clark


    Wagner, Heilman, Feliciano, Schoeneweiss, Sosa, Smith, Wise

    Key DL's: El Duque, Alou

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    I'm somehwhat confused by there bench. They seem to have way too many outfielders and not enough infielders, partciularly when you throw Alou into the mix.

    I listed Anderson as an OF, but he can play 2B / 1B in a pinch. Easley can play any of the infield positions, but he is really a 2B. They don't seem to have an adequate back-up for SS or 3B, and can anyone on the roster back-up 1B? Delgado misses 20-30 games a year, I'm guessing Anderson plays when he is out?


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      Anderson could play all the infield posititons; so can Clark, and Clark could put "the tools of ignorance" on, and play catcher.


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        "so can Clark"

        I think he can play first, third, the outfield positions and is the emergency last ditch catcher.
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          Originally posted by metssincekindergarten View Post
          Anderson could play all the infield posititons; so can Clark, and Clark could put "the tools of ignorance" on, and play catcher.
          While it is possible that Anderson can play all the infield positions, he has been in the Majors 10 years, and has never played SS or 3B. He also never played it in the minors, which is back to 1996. So even if he could play those positions, it would be a stretch to say he is comfortable at them.

          Clark came up to the majors in 2000 and has only played the outfield, and a grand total of 2 games at 3B in the minors, going back to 1998. Again, I'm not sure how comfortable he'd be at infield positions.

          Either guy can probalby do it for a few innings in an emergency. But the Mets don't really have anyone if two of their infielders need to have the same day off. Reyes and Wright should be able to go almost every day. But Castillo doesn't have the knees he once did and Delgado misses a lot of game. With this roster, they are either going to have to be shutteling someone from the minors or playing someone out of position


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            Ramon Castro should not have been re-signed since he's always out of shape and, IMO, had a career year offensively last year.
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