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  • Willets Point Development

    (I also posted this in the Citi Field Construction Photos thread)

    Hey guys, I'm a first time poster. Love all the pics and info everyone has provided about Citi Field.
    I also feel very strongly about the development of Willets Point. I would love a place to drink a beer or grab a bite after a game.
    If anyone feels strongly about making sure this development gets done. I'm posting the link to the the NY City Council members, you can email or write them letters. I feel as Mets Fans we have a voice, even if you're not a Mets fan and you go to shea once and a while I'm sure you want a nice place to bring your family before or after a game. I urge you to please contact the City Council, especially Hiram Monserrate, John Liu, Tony Avella and Most importantly Christine Quinn, she's the chair person of the Council, let them know that we want what's best for the city and the area around the ballpark, and we urge them to work something out with the NYCEDC.


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    There's a new article just basically saying that Monserrate is using this issue as a warmup for his next campaign. I guess 3 million mets fans don't deserve a decent area around Citi Field. Considering how expensive it is to just go to a game, you would think we would get some more consideration than his "constituents", who will become irrelevant to him once his term limit is up. I'm sure we pay more taxes every year supporting a legitimate business (Mets), than the legions of "undocumented drivers" going to willets point What a piece of trash.


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      Chop Shop - movie

      Has anybody seen Chop Shop, the movie set in the junkyards of Willets Point? I've heard good things about it:

      A young man works as an auto-body repairman to provide for his younger sister.


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        There's a pro willets point development blog that was posted in the citifield construction thread before that is gaining some notoriety at (nyc real estate site), thought you guys might be interested.......

        New York Magazine energizes people around shared interests, igniting important conversations on the news, politics, style, and culture that drive the world forward.


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