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    Hey Mets fans,

    I am going to be in NYC this Saturday literally flying in and out of LaGaurdia. I used to live in NY so its weird for me to ask advice but its my first time traveling in by plane in years. So I am landing at LGA early in the morning so I was going to take a cab to Shea and peak in at the the new park and then hop the 7 into Manhattan. But going back I was wondering would I be able to get a cab in the Shea area since the Mets are on the road, is there a bus to LGA from Shea or do I just have to bite the bullet and cab it all the way from Manhattan to LGA?

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    The Q48 bus runs along Roosevelt Avenue past Shea from downtown Flushing to LGA. Here's a link to a PDF of the Q48 schedule from the MTA's website.
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