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  • Roster Shakeup

    The Mets need some fresh faces. The rotation is a mess and the roster is just too old. Throw some players out there who you think are available and would help spur this stagnant Mets team.

    Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...

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    There are reports that the Mets are considering Derrik Turnbow. I see no harm in sending him to New Orleans for a while to see if he can put it all back together. If it doesn't work, they can drop him.
    They took a flyer on Danny Graves a couple of years ago. (He was another in the long, long, long line of Peterson falures). I see no harm in this move.

    First and foremost though - Delgado has got to go.


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      I've compiled a list of 116 players I think could be potential trade candidates...the ones in bold are the players I think could make a difference for the Mets (whether in starting or partial roles):

      Pos Player Team
      CI Chad Tracy ARI
      OF Jay Payton BAL
      1B Kevin Millar BAL
      CI Aubrey Huff BAL
      SP Steve Trachsel BAL
      RP George Sherrill BAL
      RP Chad Bradford BAL
      RP Jamie Walker BAL
      OF Coco Crisp BOS
      OF J.D. Drew BOS
      SS Julio Lugo BOS
      SP Julian Tavarez BOS
      IF Mark DeRosa CHC
      IF Ronny Cedeno CHC
      SP Jon Lieber CHC
      RP Bob Howry CHC
      OF Brian N. Anderson CHW
      IF Juan Uribe CHW
      3B Joe Crede CHW
      SP Jose Contreras CHW
      OF Adam Dunn CIN
      OF Corey Patterson CIN
      UT Ryan Freel CIN
      OF Ken Griffey Jr. CIN
      1B Scott Hatteberg CIN
      SP Bronson Arroyo CIN
      SP Matt Belisle CIN

      RP David Weathers CIN
      OF Jason Michaels CLE
      3B Andy Marte CLE
      1B Travis Hafner CLE
      RP Jensen Lewis CLE
      OF Marcus Thames DET
      OF Jacque Jones DET
      UT Brandon Inge DET
      OF Luis Gonzalez FLD
      UT Jorge Cantu FLD
      1B Mike Jacobs FLD
      SP Mark Hendrickson FLD
      RP Kevin Gregg FLD
      RP Justin Miller FLD
      IF Mark Loretta HOU
      OF Mark Teahan KAN
      OF David DeJesus KAN
      OF Jose Guillen KAN
      1B Ross Gload KAN
      2B Mark Grudzielanek KAN
      RP Jimmy Gobble KAN
      RP Joel Peralta KAN
      OF Gary Matthews LAA
      OF Garrett Anderson LAA
      OF Reggie Willits LAA
      OF Juan Rivera LAA
      OF Andruw Jones LAD
      OF Juan Pierre LAD
      3B Andy LaRoche LAD
      RP Eric Gagne MIL
      RP David Riske MIL
      RP Derrick Turnbow MIL
      OF Craig Monroe MIN
      IF Nick Punto MIN
      SP Livan Hernandez MIN
      RP Juan Rincon MIN
      RP Dennys Reyes MIN
      OF Emil Brown OAK
      1B Mike Sweeney OAK
      2B Mark Ellis OAK
      SS Bobby Crosby OAK
      3B Eric Chavez OAK
      SP Joe Blanton OAK
      SP Rich Harden OAK
      RP Alan Embree OAK
      RP Keith Foulke OAK
      OF Jason Bay PIT
      OF Nyjer Morgan PIT
      OF Xavier Nady PIT
      RP Damaso Marte PIT
      OF Scott Hairston SDP
      OF Jim Edmonds SDP
      OF Brian Giles SDP
      2B Tadahito Iguchi SDP
      SP Randy Wolf SDP
      SP Justin Germano SDP

      RP Trevor Hoffman SDP
      1B Richie Sexson SEA
      OF Brad Wilkerson SEA
      2B Jose Vidro SEA
      OF Randy Winn SFG
      2B Ray Durham SFG
      RP Brad Hennessey SFG
      RP Vinnie Chulk SFG
      RP Tyler Walker SFG
      SP Barry Zito SFG
      OF Gabe Gross TAM
      OF Nathan Haynes TAM
      OF Jonny Gomes TAM
      SP J.P. Howell TAM
      SP Jason Hammel TAM

      SP Edwin Jackson TAM
      1B Ben Broussard TEX
      1B Chris Shelton TEX
      OF Frank Catalanotto TEX
      SP Kevin Millwood TEX
      SP Vicente Padilla TEX
      OF Adam Lind TOR
      OF Matt Stairs TOR
      OF Shannon Stewart TOR
      1B Lyle Overbay TOR
      RP Jason Frasor TOR
      2B Ronnie Belliard WAS
      OF Wily Mo Pena WAS
      RP Chad Cordero WAS
      RP Jon Rauch WAS
      RP Luis Ayala WAS
      IF Felipe Lopez WAS

      Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...


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        Your only choices that I like are Richie Sexson, Kevin Millar, and Xavier Nady. The others would cost too much or aren't good.
        "I'm happy for [Edwin Encarnacion] because this guy bleeds internally, big-time" -Dusty Baker

        "If on-base percentage is so important, then why don't they put it on the scoreboard?" -Jeff Francoeur

        "At the end of the day, the sun comes up and I still have a job" -Joba Chamberlain


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          Barry Zito?


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            I think LaRoche could be had. Torre and the Dodger organization don't seem to have much faith in him, and he could steal some AB's from Delgado.

            Nady would certainly be the best option right now, but considering how well he's hitting, he'll be way too costly. I think Sexson is sort of the in between -- the Mariners seem willing to deal him, and he's in the last year of his contract.

            Moonlight Graham
   game, no at-bats...



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              Originally posted by NJMetfan4life View Post
              Barry Zito?
              I'm sure the Giants would trade him, but the only reason I wouldn't take a chance on him is because of the length of his contract (I'm assuming the Giants would eat a ton of the contract, so the money part of the contract doesn't worry me).

              Moonlight Graham
     game, no at-bats...



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                Nady. Don't get me started.
                Put it in the books.


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