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Charlie Manuel predicts Phils will win East

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  • Charlie Manuel predicts Phils will win East

    After tonights 7-4 Phils win in San Francisco, Phils skipper Uncle Charlie Manuel made a Joe Namath like proclamation.

    “I’m happy we’ve got everybody back now. I think we’re going to play better. I think we’re going to go get the East. We’ve got a good league, but when we’re healthy we’ve got a good chance.”

    I think Bat Manuel may have been too giddy about the return of Rollins. If that comment doesn't fire up the Mets, I don't know what will.

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    I have given up hope that this team will ever be motivated under Willie.


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      Considering that the Phillthies have lost the two games immediately after Manuel made that statement, they've got some work to do.


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        I guess Charlie was wanting to get some airtime on ESPN.
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          It's not gonna happen...i still beleive the mets will ultimately get the divison...i know tehy ahvent looked promising yet, but the bats are finally hitting and the marlins can't stay hot forever...i'm lookin for the marlins downfall right around the time when they go on the 9 game road trip with stops at Philly, Atlanta, and NY.
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