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What do we think of Randolph pulling the race card?

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  • What do we think of Randolph pulling the race card?

    The Mets are my team. But the comments Randolph made about getting some heat because he's black? Come on. No, Willie, it's because you coach in NYC and you haven't had your team play up to their talent level and have choked the last wo years and are hovering around .500 this year. That's what happens in New York. Make this team gel and play the way they should. Who agrees or disagrees?
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    It's pretty funny. I really don't think anybody cares about Willie's color. He could be dressed in a clown suit for all I care if the Mets were winning.


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      Did he actually suggest that Isiah Thomas was a victim of racism ????? He spoke about Herm Edwards, who did take the Jets to the playoffs several times. But Isiah Thomas ???????


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        Yeah. The Isiah Thomas who cost Madison Square Garden $11.6M in a sexual harassment lawsuit AND drove the Knicks into the ground.
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          Willie disgraced himself playing the race card. He now belongs in the same sentence as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barak Obama, and other race baiters.


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            There seemed to be a reason it took a long time for Willie to become a manager, as though teams weren't sure of his make-up or skills. This situation does not help his cause one iota.


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