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  • mrmet042
    manager - davey johnson
    1b- dave kingman , keith hernandez , ed kranepool
    2b- wally backman ,alfonzo
    3b-howard johnson
    ss-bud harrleson
    lf-cleon jones
    cf-mookie wilson ,willie mays
    c-gary carter , jerry grote , mike piazza
    sp-tom seaver
    sp-sid fernandez
    sp-david cone
    rp-tug mcgraw
    rp-jesse orasco
    rp-randy myers
    rp-roger mcdowell
    rp-john franco

    honorable mention
    john milner , ken boswell, doug flynn, tim teufel , rafael santana , kevin elster , wayne garrett , tomie agiee , ron swoboda , steve henderson , joel youndblood , al jackson , jack fisher , gary gentry , jon matlock , craig swann
    , bobby j jones , al leiter , rick reed , doug sisk , and many others that i din not name ..............

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  • SiddFinch1
    Some tough choices but

    C-Gary Carter over Piazza- close call but Carter played better defense
    1B-Keith Hernandez over Olerud
    2B-Edgardo Alfonzo- his best years were there- not much else to chose from
    SS-Jose Reyes over Buddy Harrelson- yes its probably too early for it
    3B-Howard Johnson- In another year, it will be Wright
    CF-Mookie Wilson- in part for Game 6- Maybe Beltran some day
    LF-Cleon Jones- Not too many good choices here
    RF-Darryl Strawberry- Sigh. A fraction of what should have been

    SP-Tom Seaver- Nuff said
    SP-Dwight Gooden- See Strawberry
    SP-David Cone- Some great years
    SP-Al Leiter- Very solid
    SP-Jerry Koosman- Very solid

    Honorable Mention to Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez and Jon Matlack

    RP-Tug McGraw
    RP-Jesse Orosco
    RP- Roger McDowell
    RP-John Franco
    RP- Randy Myers

    Honorable mention to a good swing man- Terry Leach

    I left out guys like Nolan Ryan and Rick Aguleria who really bloomed after leaving the METs

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  • BadKarma
    Oh man, no Nolan Ryan? I know he didn't really come into his own until after he was traded, but his first 5 years in the league were as a Met. Including the time he struck out three Dodgers on 9 pitches. In my heart, he is a Met, even if he did not go into the HOF as one. Nolan was the first of a long line of awesome pitchers that the Mets traded away before they could hit their full potential. Almost like a punchline: You want to get a great pitcher? Trade the Mets for one of theirs that shows potential, and that potential will be realized once he gets to your team.

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  • VIBaseball
    1B: Keith Hernandez -- over John Olerud
    2B: Edgardo Alfonzo -- his best seasons, '99 and '00, he played there
    3B: Howard Johnson -- or Robin Ventura
    SS: Bud Harrelson -- yes, still, but it's likely to be Reyes in time
    LF: Cleon Jones -- sorry, McReynolds, I prefer Cleon
    CF: Tommie Agee -- see below for Mookie Wilson
    RF: Darryl Strawberry
    C: Mike Piazza -- even though I love Gary Carter. I could be happy with Jerry Grote if I wanted a defensive C.

    Tom Seaver (HOF)
    Dwight Gooden
    Jerry Koosman
    David Cone
    Jon Matlack -- over Bob Ojeda or Sid Fernandez for another lefty. Ron Darling also ranks high for me.

    Tug McGraw
    Jesse Orosco -- I'd rather have him or Tug over John Franco
    Armando Benitez -- he'll be fine as a setup man with Tug or Jesse closing
    Roger McDowell
    Terry Leach -- my favorite long man ever for the Mets

    Bench :
    I want flexibility, not an 11-man staff, thank you.
    This is meant to be a bench -- good role players, more than starters serving as backups. There are lefty and righty bats, switch-hitters, speed, contact, and power. Who needs a defensive replacement at 1B when you have Keith Hernandez?

    1B-3B: Dave Magadan
    2B-SS: Doug Flynn -- for his glove
    C: Todd Pratt
    OF: Mookie Wilson
    OF-1B: Lee Mazzilli
    Utility: Joel Youngblood
    PH: Rusty Staub

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  • 55 chmps
    started a topic All Time Mets roster

    All Time Mets roster

    Since the Mets only have one Hall of Famer, i'm very interested to hear your all time roster for the Mets. So let's see what you guys think.

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