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How do we fix this bullpen?

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    At this point since the relievers arent doing a thing, just give the call-ups a try like reyes, parnell and rincon, they cant do any worse they any other member of the bullpen has done this year
    "The Gods Are Against Us" - Keith Hernandez


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      I agree that Stokes is overused and I like Ayala as well. I hope they are with the Mets next year. There is no way to fix the bull pen at ths stage. It is what it is.

      Might as well use Reyes and Parnell...if nothing else it will give the Mets a "new look" for a couple of games and gets some of the others a little rest. .. or just tell the starters that the pitch count is off and go out a pitch a few complete games or until their arms fall off.

      This winter maybe a guy like Fuentes can help. I would trade Heilman, Schoenwise, Feliciano and Castillo for prospects or other middle reliever guys...or some combo.


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