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    Originally posted by PVNICK View Post
    How could you think that Wirght is an MVP?
    You must not be a real Mets fan then. I'm sorry but I'm sticking with Wright.
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      I was unaware that being a Met fan meant being oblivious to reality.


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        Originally posted by Mr. Met View Post
        I'm not saying he is but there doesn't appear to be a clear-cut choice for the award which is why Delgado (or anybody on the Mets) is even part of the discussion.
        Well, as long as the Mets are in first they should have a candidate or two. Appearances are almost everything, and Delgado, despite the batting average, appears to have the hot hand at this time of the season, so he's going to get a look, absolutely. Sportscenter loves him, and that does have a little bearing. Though not as much as some seem to think.

        I do think how well a player does with RISP, so-called clutch play, will be looked at closely as the traditional triple crown numbers the majority of writers still hang on to.
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          Originally posted by PVNICK View Post
          I was unaware that being a Met fan meant being oblivious to reality.
          That's not true for all Met fans.
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            If the Mets actually get to the playoffs after the way they started then my MVP is Jerry Manual aka Harry freakin' Houdini.


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              I'm pulling for Delgado to get the MVP but the reality is he won't.

              He will get serious looks because of his clutch hitting but I agree that the average needs to be better than it is.

              Having said that, in my humble opinion there is no clear cut favorite for the award. Delgado may have a shot at it if he continues to play well.


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                You know what, if he performs half as good as he did tonight for the rest of the season, he has to win it, he hgets my vote for sure. I give him major respect for not ever letting himself down when he was doing bad, he has been magnificent
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