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  • Bigger Suprise...So far

    Who suprised you more this year?

    Delgado: Did what we paid him too and didn't do last year. MVP front-runner
    Pelfrey: Came out of the blue to destroy other teams.
    Murphey: Came out of the blue to play good defense in an unfamiliar position and hit pretty well.
    Tatis: See Murphey and add retirement.
    Carlos Delgado
    Mike Pelfrey
    Dan Murphey
    Fernando Tatis

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    Delgado isn't really surprising, he's just living up to what was expected.

    Same with Pelfrey.

    Murphy came out of the blue, but he was a prospect who looked like he had a future anyway.

    Tatis is the most surprising, because he hadn't even played in the majors for a while and was even retired at one point.


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      They have all been a surprise to some extent. I'll go with Pelfrey who sure looked like a bust coming into the season.
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        Personally, it's Delgado. I thought his career was over in May and he should have been released.
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          I went with Tatis. The surprise is that he's kept it up. I figured after each cold streak the odds had run out and then he starts up again. Murphy, I never heard of, and a guy coming up and getting hot is not totally surprising. It took about a game to see he seemed to have a clue at the plate. Pelfrey has certainly exceeded expectations maybe even from before he set foot in the big leagues. Delgado has certainly been at this level but not for 2 years. I too thought he was done.


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            Mike Pelfrey. At one point not too long ago, I honestly thought he was a bust. I give a lot of credit to Omar for not getting rid of him when he really sucked.
            "Heroes are people who are all good with no bad in them. That's the way I always saw Joe DiMaggio. He was beyond question one of the greatest players of the century."

            ~Mickey Mantle


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              Tatis, baby!
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