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  • Mets MVP 2008

    Well, sadly, our beloved Mets fell short of a title by a single game. It's not the first time it has happened in our history, and something tells me it won't be the last.

    It was a tough season overall. Hopefully, Mr. Minaya will make some improvements during the offseason that will help improve our team so that we can be the best in the Majors in '09!

    But for now, it's time to place your votes. Who do you feel can be considered the New York Mets' 2008 Most Valuable Player(s)?

    Feel free to vote for up to (but no more than) five players.

    P.S. This poll is private, so feel free to vote your conscience.

    The poll is expired.

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    Put it in the books.

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    We the fans are the MVP for sticking with this team after last years debacle, after nothing was done to address what happened to doom last years squad came back to haunt us again this year. After believing to again be crushed. I would say Delgado except he failed in the most important spot this year. I know it's only one AB but a true MVP (a la Kirk Gibson) would have jacked a 3 run HR and we would be playing that Milwaukee team in a one game monday.
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      Originally posted by theAmazingMet View Post
      We the fans are the MVP for...
      Novel idea. Only incongruity with that is, we didn't play, thus none of us can be considered players, much less valuable.
      Put it in the books.


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        Johan Santana. Take him out and we'd be lucky to have finished 3rd.
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          I voted for J. Reyes.


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            Originally posted by NYMets523 View Post
            Johan Santana. Take him out and we'd be lucky to have finished 3rd.
            That may be true, but neither our fine offense nor our stellar defense should be overlooked either. Without Wright, Delgado, Reyes, and Beltrán, we're not even competitors, and they proved that this season.

            Geez, for about the last two months, we were hearing "MVP! MVP! MVP!" after every Delgado at-bat. What a difference one performance by a pitcher can make. I wonder how the tallies would turn out had Santana had an average outing the other day. I'm just sayin', some voters may be influenced by a recent accomplishment and not the entire season.

            Btw, I voted for the above five. I feel they all put in one hell of a year, both offensively and defensively. If I could vote for a sixth, it would probably be Pelfrey.
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              If I had to vote for just one MVP, I think I'd go with Johan. But if I'm looking at this poll as to the players who overall did a valuable job over the course of the season, which is the way I did look at it, I choose Johan, Delgado, Wright, Reyes and Pelfrey...

              Overall, I just feel all 5 were valuable to this team...
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                I'm going to unsticky this in the next few days. So if you wanna vote, vote now!
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                  The Met Fans are the MVP, for putting up with that debacle of a season. Especially, the last game of the season. Nice job Met Fans!!!:applaud:


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                    JOE SMITH - The one man that did not completely collapse down the stretch with the rest of his 'pen mates..... but of course omar trades him away:grouchy


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                      Right, because we don't have another ROOGY...oh, wait...
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                        Welp, from 32 voters, Santana got the nod with 21 votes, followed by Delgado (14), Wright (13), Reyes (10), and Beltrán (6).
                        Put it in the books.


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