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Mets Sign Two to Minor League Deals...

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  • Mets Sign Two to Minor League Deals...

    They picked up left-handed pitcher Casey Fossum, who could be a candidate for the secondary LOOGY position, as well as Cleveland Indians organizational outfielder Jason Cooper. Here are their stats...


    Plus here are Fossum's career platoon splits...he does well against lefties, but can't get righties out too well...


    Hardly the signings that most fans want, I know, but you do have to give your organization some depth, plus Fossum would make an interesting project for Warthen.
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    I suppose Fossum's acquisition can be justified. I'd like to see what will be done with him and how he fares.

    But I see no purpose in acquiring Cooper, other than perhaps in making a future deal (?). I'd not seen outfield depth as one of our shortcomings.
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      Well Cooper does seem comfortable in the Buffalo Area. Wonder if he came with the franchise?
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