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Best thing about Citi Field?

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  • Best thing about Citi Field?

    Went Saturday to the exhibition against the Red Sox, and left impressed with Citi Field. It has a nice open feel to it. The concourses are huge and open air on the prominade level and behind the bullpens on Field level. There are plenty of stairs, escalators, and elevators to access different levels, and a ticket to the game (no matter the section) allows you access to all areas except seating obviously and certain clubs. Their are tons of concessions and eating choices, as well as clubhouse shops on all levels. The sight lines are as expected for each section, and even in the prominade level you feel more on top of the game. It has cool little quirks and architectural gems like the Pepsi Porch which I think looks cool (I really want tics to a game there). It was fun to just walk around the stadium and discover cool stuff, like the original HR Apple by the Bullpen entrance. I left with an overall impressed feeling, and can't wait to attend another game there. I loved Shea, but Citi Field is lightyears better.

    What's your favorite thing about the new park? As you go to games feel free to leave your comments here.
    Wide open concources and views of the game
    Architecture and better seating
    Food & Concession choices
    Closer to the action
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    I'm no longer embarrassed by the Mets' facility.


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      I was there today for the practice. The place is awsome!!!!
      The seats felt so much closer to the field.
      I've been to PNC and sat almost in the same place and things felt closer at Citi. The seats are angles towards the plate and the seats are a little wider.
      I believe the highest seat in the Upper Deck is a the same elevation that the Mezzazine section was at Shea.
      Props definetly go to the Architects on this one. Its a Masterpiece
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        The METS play there!!!


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          The new ballpark looked a bit generic on TV last night for the opener. At first glance, there's not much there that says "This is where the Mets play." Maybe it's the dark color scheme, or the newness of it. They could use some more "Mets" branding I think.
          Oh for a sunny afternoon at Sicks...


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