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2009 Mets Stats

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  • 2009 Mets Stats

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    The Mets stats so far, tell me that they'll be lucky to hit 100 homers this year.

    On the brighter least Citi Field is not a launching pad like new Yankee Stadium.
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      I don't care about the bombs so much, but I do care about leaving half of New York in scoring position most of the time. That has to change in a big way. I keep yelling at the computer, "just a little hit"...but it seems we usually hit into a DP instead. Maybe it will even out over time.


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        I'm no stathead, so I don't know how to go about collecting this data, but...

        If the teams in MLB were ranked by a "futility ratio" measuring:

        (Errors + GIDP + basepath outs) / (Team RBI)

        Basepath outs = picked off, caught stealing, and (I'm not sure how a box score captures this as I didn't look the next day) something like not touching 3B as you come around to (not) score the go-ahead run. (There's also no way to record "man on 3B who didn't tag up with one out to score on a sacrifice fly to deep left", but that's just a case of a player's "bad fundamentals" as opposed to team futility.)

        I suspect I know what team would be right up there. But how would it compare to the MLB average?
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