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Petition to get SportsNet NY on Dish Network

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  • Petition to get SportsNet NY on Dish Network

    Hi Mets Fans!

    Well the baseball season is here and Dish Network Satellite subcribers cannot watch the Mets because they do not carry the new regional sports network SportsNet NY. I have started a petition you can sign that may carry some potential weight with this satellite provider. The petition is as follows:

    To: EchoStar Satellite L.L.C.
    To: Dish Network ( EchoStar Satellite L.L.C.)

    Dear Dish Network Satellite customers, New York Met Fans, and Sports Fans,

    We the viewers in the New York Metropolitan area subcribing to Dish Network would like to be able to receive the new regional Sports network SportsNet New York (SNY). SNY is a 24/7 regional sports and entertainment television network that will feature 125 regular season New York Mets telecasts as well as provide year-round television coverage of the New York Jets. SNY will also televise other professional and collegiate sports, including basketball and football games from the Big East and Big Ten conferences. This petition is to inform Dish Network that there are many customers out there who want this channel and want to see New York Mets baseball in 2006 and beyond. Dish Network should know that anyone on this petition is a candidate to terminate their subscription with Dish Network and find another satellite provider that will carry this new network. Let’s work together and bring SNY into the homes of Dish Network subcribers. Currently, DirecTV satellite customers can view SNY and SO DO WE!! WE WANT SPORTSNET NEW YORK NOW!

    I encourage Dish Network subscribers to sign this petition!

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    They already have is on channel 438 :atthepc


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      High Def for SNY on Dish Network

      Yes they do thankfully! Now if we can only get them to add the high definition signal to Dish Network's lineup! CALL DISH NETWORK AND LET THEM KNOW YOU WANT SNY in HD!! And for those subscribers in NY Metro the channel is a freebie which has been added to Americas Top 120 and 180. You do not need to purchase the muilti sports pack to receive this channel locally.


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