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    Originally posted by Mongoose View Post
    Obviously, you don't even know them by color.
    Those were the colors.

    Once you've been to the ballpark a few times, you learn the names of the sections. At Shea, there were basically four sections, not counting the Picnic Area, etc. It doesn't take many visits to learn them. Most fans that went to the ballpark even occasionally knew them.
    I went to Shea to see the Mets play. Not to learn about the name of the seating sections. I also have not been there since mid June of 2008.

    As someone who has been to Shea probably upwards of 200 times, I notice that everything you're saying about it is wrong.

    Saying wrong things over and over to defend a shaky viewpoint does not help your purpose much.
    You can't say my opinion of the views from the seats I had is wrong.

    I also notice that you seem to confuse criticizing Wilpon with criticizing the Mets. This is a mistake.
    You're the only one making that mistake. You think every move the front office move makes is made by Fred Wilon.

    It's because I am a Mets fan that I criticize Wilpon.
    You do not need to berate Wilpon 24/7 to be a Met fan.

    I want an owner that respects the team, its traditions and its fans as much as I do.
    He never sold the naming rights to Shea when he could have years ago. They will put in a Mets Hall of Fame and Mets "wall of fame" with signatures.
    "I'm happy for [Edwin Encarnacion] because this guy bleeds internally, big-time" -Dusty Baker

    "If on-base percentage is so important, then why don't they put it on the scoreboard?" -Jeff Francoeur

    "At the end of the day, the sun comes up and I still have a job" -Joba Chamberlain


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